Samarkand solar power projects

Samarkand solar power projects

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    Asian Development Bank
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Services provided by

  • 5 Trainings and Seminars with at least 100 Uzbekenergo staff and experts, including 100% women staff in relevant departments;
  • 3 Training Workshops for at least 30 participants from 10 manufacturing industries and entrepreneurs, including at least 10% women;
  • 4 International Study Tours/Technical Visits for Uzbekenergo and key stakeholders;
  • 2 Environmental, Social & Gender Workshops for at least 20 staff and experts and 2 Info Campaigns to increase women’s participation in solar energy development.
  • 10 Solar Capacity Development Activities (training, workshops, and technical visits) for at least 150 participants from 10 solar energy stakeholders, including at least 10% women;
  • 2 International Solar Conferences in Tashkent and Samarkand;
  • 4 International Solar Conference Visits for Uzbekenergo and key stakeholders;

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